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Drivers Can Now Earn Residual Income with Go By Truck.
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Free registration - Simply sign up as a rewards member and you will be registered into our system and receive your referral number and referral cards.

  • No special software needed so you can work from any location
  • It's FREE. No Costs at any time.
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Easy Referral Process - Share the GBT system benefits along with your referral code with any shipper or carrier you encounter while out on the road. Once the company referred enters your code, you are locked in to earn your residual commissions.

You'll be rewarded for both shipper and carrier transactions!



Reap the Rewards with No Extra Effort - Once your referral code has been entered by a company, you are paid for every load thereafter.

  • No phone calls or checking in necessary
  • View and manage your rewards payments
  • Transfer your rewards dollars to your bank account at any time
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Go By Truck knows that every driver could use a few extra bucks. From a little extra cash for your family to building a retirement plan, GBT Rewards helps our hardest working professionals live a little easier.

See how much you could be making
I have companies, each with an annual freight spend of $
With You Would Be Earning:
Per Year Residually
Per Month Residually
Go By Truck Transportation Industry
One-Time Setup Paperwork for Every Broker
Get Paid Instantly Payment in 30+ Days
24/7 Locating Intrusive Tracking
En-Route Accessorial Handling Delayed Accessorial Handling
Exact Match Freight Results Disorganized Freight Results
Loads Available 24/7 9-5 Availability
Rapid Load Matching Labor-Intensive Processes
Electronic Driver Updates Constant Driver Contact
Support Team Built Around You and Your Needs E-Mail Contact
No Cost for Carriers Monthly Fee(s)
Choose from Premium Freight “Left-Over” Freight
Full Invoice Handling Tedious Invoice Process
Go By Truck Other Freight Services
Free Market Reduces Freight Bills by 10%-30%* Controlled Freight Rates
Handles Invoicing, Auditing & Carrier Pay Everything is Up To You
No Monthly Fees Standard Monthly Fee(s)
Simple to Use Complicated
Exposes Freight To More Carriers Limited Freight Exposure
One-Click Shipment Locating Call To Locate Shipments
Track & Manage Accessorials En-Route Accessorials Manually Handled Post Delivery
Continuous Carrier Communication No Method Of Carrier Communication
Reduces Labor Costs High Costs For Procurement, Auditing, AP, etc.
Improves Carrier Relationships Strains Carrier/Shipper Relationships
Dedicated Claims & Support Staff No Claim Handling and/or Little Support
*10%-30% represents the average freight bill reduction experienced by shippers using the Go By Truck Network and should not be considered a guaranteed freight bill reduction when using the Network.